The first comic

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The first comic


April 25, 2014

Easing Up

If you’re a regular reader of my comic Out There (and why wouldn’t you be), you may have recently read the announcement that I’ll be changing the update schedule of Cliché Flambé from “every Friday” to “whenever.” Sad to say, it’s true; Cliché Flambé will soon cease regular updates. But take heart; this strip isn’t going away, it’s just freeing itself from the rigidity of a clock-punching schedule. Ideally, this should make each update more “special”. Or so I would have you believe. If you haven’t already, “like” Cliché Flambé on Facebook to receive an easy-to-ignore notification of our next update, or check Out There each week for warnings that a new Cliché Flambé page is lurking around the corner.

June 7, 2013


Hi, I’m R.C. Monroe. I write and draw comics. My first webcomic was Out There, which began seven years ago and is still going today. My second webcomic was In Here, which began four days ago. It too is still going today.
Cliché Flambé is my third webcomic venture, and if you’re reading this on June 7, 2013, you’ve just gotten in on the ground floor. A description of Cliché Flambé can be found here. Any questions? Shoot me an e-mail. Or like us on Facebook. Or both!

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